Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dial 112? Don't.

It is a little early in the moring to start to bitch, but here goes.

I just had a friend on Facebook post a story about a young girl driving alone at night.  She was being followed by what she though was an unmarked police car.  It had a flashing red light and was motioning for her to pull over.

The young girl remembered her parents advising her that if this ever happened to dial 112 on her cell.  She did this and was connected to her local highway patrol, who checked and determined that there were no police in her area.  They sent cars to where she was and they were able to surround the car behind her and arrest the wanted rapist.  Saving the girl.

Whew!  Close call.

What pisses me off about this?

The fact that it is NOT FUCKING TRUE!  Stories like this, while I am sure are meant to help people, they do just the opposite.  They give people mis-information, a false sense of security.

People, check this stuff out before passing it on.

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Jeanne Lavoie said...

These types of stories drive me crazy. Why do people believe this stuff?