Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flying in Comfort?

We all know that travel is not easy, it has gotten worse and worse over the last few years.

Without sounding full of myself, I am a good traveller.  I travel light, I wear my socks more than once and I have one carry on bag.

That bag is a blue fabric with gold fleur-de-lis on it.  And yes, I did get it France many years ago.  It goes on every trip with me.  It has my shawl, because it always cold on an airplane and I don't like to use the blankets that might be provided.  A little pouch with stuff to freshen up with.  Another little pouch that holds my cables for my electronics.  My kindle.  My Ipad.  Sometimes a travel pilllow.  And then I have enough room for my pocket book.

One bag.  It fits perfectly under my seat and I put my feet on it.  Since I am pretty short, this makes my trip a bit more comfortable.

So, here I am the traveller that follows the rules.  Small carry on that I can put under my seat.  I leave the overhead to all those people that bring their "carry-ons" that take up most of the overhead compartment.

So last night, my beloved and I get on a plane at SFO, bound for North Carolina.  I am in the middle seat, because in addition to being a good traveller that followes the rules, I am a considerate travel mate and take the middle seat.

Imagine my surprise when my carry on does not fit under the seat!  What is up with that?  I contort my body and look under the seat.  There is a metal box attached to the seat in front of me that will not allow me to put my bag under my seat!

So after grabbing my kindle I have to find overhead space.  Plane is full.  Roller bags fill every space and I am not happy.  I find a spot and a man helps me move things around and my bag fits up there.  I sit back down and settle in.  Realizing, great now I have nothing.  No glasses, no shawl, no fucking nothing.  My beloved gets up and gets my pillow.

Fuck, where am I going to put my feet?  This lead to most unconfortable flight I have ever been on.  After bitching about it here, I am off to the Delta web site to complain.  Not that I think it will do any good, but because it might make feel better.


mli said...

That sucks.

Anonymous said...

That does suck. I'd be lost without my carry-on, as well. I've got a little of everything in it! Hope your return trip goes better. When will you be back? We need to make a date. XX to all. smeg