Tuesday, March 18, 2008


You just have to ask yourself - WTF?

Who in their right mind would keep this around? I would really be suspect of the family that took the pictures next to their own kid.

Although it does remind me of a story (but then what doesn't?). When I was about 12 my sister and I went to Georgia to visit my father's family. We met our grandmother for the first time and she was on the prowl for husband number 4. I think his name was Roy? Anyway, at his house, some crazy farm house in the backwoods, picture the house from The Peacock episode of X-Files. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but no electricity, no indoor plumbing, spooky. Roy was also in search of a new spouse, number 5 for him. And we kind of met the previous 4 Mrs. Roys, because he had pictures of them IN THEIR COFFINS lining the staircase. Lovely!

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Anonymous said...

How horrible! I immediately thought of the Peacocks.
NH certainly has it's share of freaks
but this is just nuts.

FORMER Granite Stater, J