Tuesday, March 24, 2009

La La Land

It is a weird place.  There was the Accounting Firm of:

Kim, Chin and Lin - I think it is funny.

Then an only in LA moment - a big beautiful church with a sign on "Available for Filming"

Then there is my cab driver back to LAX.  On his right hand he had a thumb and two fingers.  One finger looked like two fingers had fused together, it was big and the knuckle was huge.  The remaining finger was kind of like half a finger.  I was mezmorized and stared at it on the wheel, stared at it while he honked the horn at the car in front of him the second the light turned green.  I will admit that Lobster Boy ran thru my head.

I was then perplexed by the astounding number of self storage places.  They are everywhere.  Makes me wonder how many are rented and then abandoned.  Think of all that stuff.  Who puts it in there?  Why?

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D.D. said...

I love LA LA Land. It's so weird.
Not to sound like a pig but did you you notice LA Women? I noticed it in particular at the airport. They all dress very nicely and have large bosoms. SF has enough poorly dressed lesbians and tourists to off set the SF Cosmo look (count yourself amongst the later) but unless you have a roomful of the 'Br..'family, SF cannot hold a stick/pencil to the LA chicks.