Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thinking or not?

In the current age of easy communication, some people either just forget they are in public or they are just stupid.  I was out to lunch yesterday with a friend from work.  We were sitting at a booth when a young man and his mother or grandmother sat at the booth next to us.

He pulled out his laptop and wireless card and got on line.  He then pulled out his cell phone and made a call to his credit card company.  How do I know this, I could hear his entire conversation.  There was a charge on his credit card for Geigo insurance, which he does not have.  This was the second charge from Geigo, he reported the first a couple of months ago.

Now, I'm sitting there thinking ok, at some point he is going to have to give his social security number, his address and his date of birth to someone at the other end of the phone.  And sure enough in a public place he rattles off this information without even lowering his voice.  I thought, how stupid, how really really stupid.  Here he is talking about suspected fraud on his credit card and he has now potentially given his most private info out to a roomful of strangers.  I could have had a recorder and recorded all this info.  I could have been a person that trolls places just waiting for someone to say something that I can use.  

Just remember, when using your cell phone in a public place, you are not alone.  You are not in your own home with a reasonable expectation of privacy.  You are talking to everyone in the room.

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