Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh yeah

I was just reading soup ladies blog and she talked about a concert she went to and it reminded me that I wanted to blog about last week. My beloved and I went into San Francisco to Slims to see the one and only Todd Rundgren. I have been a Todd fan for probably thirty years (did I just say that out loud) and love him as much today as I did when I first heard him. I had seen him once before at the Sausalito Art Festival about twelve years ago. He was younger then, but then so was every one else in the audience. Todd is 61 (or will be the day after my birthday) and he ROCKED the room. I still love him. My beloved is rather concerned because she is starting to like his music, in fact I heard her humming a Todd song the other day.

When I was single one of my criteria for dating someone was that she had to know who Todd Rundgren was, well luckily my beloved did know who he was and now she knows why that was important to me.

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D.D. said...

Hello, it's me...

My philosophy of life from the doctrine of Tod:

I don't want to work
I want to bang on the drum all day
I don't want to play
I just want to bang on the drum all day

You've always had good taste in music. Now you have to work on you GF.