Friday, June 26, 2009

Who are they???

Who are those people on the highway that think they can load up their pickup, not tie anything down and then drive down the highway? Does it not occur to them as they are putting their belongings in the back of that truck that they just might want to tie them down so they don't go flying all over the highway! Tonight on my way home traffic was at a standstill because someone moving stuff from point A to point B had one of their containers come off the back of the truck and their stuff was all over 580. The woman was pulled over on the side of the highway looking back at her stuff all over the highway and talking on the phone. Imagine that conversation, "Honey was there anything important in that blue container, cause its all over the road being run over by hundreds of cars."

Then I could not get away from her. She kept getting in front of me and I kept getting a really good look at what was left in her truck. A big speaker, a giant tool box, a smaller tool box, a 2 X 4, a couple of sheets of plywood and two of those ramps that a person uses to put a motorcycle up on a truck or something. They scared me the most, I could just picture them flying off the back of the truck right on the hood of my my car. I finally got away from her and was very happy to get home.

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