Sunday, January 3, 2010

Flying the friendly skies

Well this morning I took the new TSA security warnings very seriously and arrived earlier than usual for a domestic flight. I got checked in, thru security and at my gate with about 2 and half hours before my flight was due to take off. So much for that extra security they said to be aware of.

So, I sat at my gate (82) reading at some point I looked at the people around me. I thought wow, these people sure don't look like they are going to Hawaii. They had boots and coats and looked ready for cold weather. So, being the smart traveler that I am I thought I should check the departure gate screen. Sure enough, my flight had been changed to gate 86 and these poor souls around me were bound for Chicago.

Finally arrived in Hawaii and was confronted by the age old question - what the hell to women do in a bathroom stall? Got off the plane and headed for the nearest ladies room. It had three stalls, yes three. There were two were two girls ahead of me and I thought OK this won't be bad. Well stall number one opens up and first girl goes in. Then stall number one opens up and next girl goes in. Then stall number one opens up and I go in. I see stall number three being vacated as I go into stall number one. Then I come in and stall number two is still in use and still occupied by the original person as I walk out the door. Quickly!

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