Monday, January 4, 2010

One of those days

OK, so I am in Hawaii, right. What could go wrong?


Woke up and took a shower, plugged in the hotel supplied blow dryer and started drying my hair. Sparks and flames come out of the electrical outlet. I quickly turn off the dryer and unplug it safely, of course. I call downstairs to tell them about this event and they tell me they will send someone up to look into it.

Next, I go downstairs and use the ATM in the lobby, hop in a cab and go to the office. I get to the office and realize that I have left my ATM card in the machine back at the hotel. So I call the hotel and speak to the assistant manager, he tells me to call back in a few minutes. I call back and he tells me that there is no card in the machine. But, not to worry, the machine will eat a card that has been in the machine too long. So I call my beloved and tell her my happy news and she gives me the 800 number to call. I call the number and get a verizon conference call operator. I call my beloved back and get the correct number and call. I am able to cancel my card (only my card - not my partners card, right?). If I want to have them send me a replacement card I will need to answer a couple of questions to confirm my identity. Sounds like a good idea. The questions: What is my account number and what is the date and amount of the last deposit? Um, I am out of town, I don't have any of that information here with me. Well, I'll just have to call back. OK.

I get thru the day of a new phone system install without any major problems and head back to the hotel. I call down to the front desk to make sure they sent someone up to look at the outlet in the bathroom. A couple of minutes goes by and a nice lady shows up at my door with a blow dryer. No, you misunderstood. The outlet in the bathroom sparked and flamed this morning when I used the blow dryer. OH, let me call down and tell them. So she gets on the phone and calls engineering and a guy comes up a few minutes later. He looks at the plug, plugs in the hairdryer and says everything is fine. I ask, it's fine? Yes, yes, fine. OK, as long as I don't burn the place down. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Then out for dinner. At little sushi place near the hotel.

Waiter1: Would you like something to drink?
Me: Yes. Ice tea, please.
Waiter1: We don't have any ice tea.
Sushi Chef leaning over the sushi bar: Just take some tea and put some ice in it.
Waiter1: Oh, ok.
Waiter2: We only have oulong tea.
Me: That is fine.
Waiter2: We don't have any sweetner.
Me: that's ok
Waiter1: We don't have any oulong, will green tea do?
Me: Do you have any water?
Waiter1: Yes.
Me: I'll have ice water.
Waiter1: Ready to order?
Me: Yes, I'll have vegetable tempura and can i get sushi with no fish, avacado maki or something like that?
Waiter1: You will have to ask the Sushi chef about that.
Me: OK.
A couple of minutes later:
Sushi chef: Have you ordered?
Me: yes, but the waiter said I have to ask you for something. Can I get something without fish. Just with avacado or vegetables only?
Sushi chef: Avacado and crab maybe?
Me: No, crab, no fish. Just avacado or veggies?
Sushi chef: OK
I get my veggie tempura and my veggie sushi. It is all quite good.
Waiter1: Are you done?
Me: Yes, can I have my check, please.
He brings me my check and I call him back.
Me: I don't think this is my check.
Waiter1: Why?
Me: Well its for $74 and all I had was...
Waiter1 confirs with Waiter2 and they both confir with the Sushi chef who looks at them like they are both idiots and tells them the check they gave me was for the party of 5 at the table over there. So they redo my check, I pay and I leave.

I am back at my hotel where the attorney that I brought a new laptop with me for calls to tell me I forgot the damn battery for it.
Oh, thankfully tomorrow is another day.


Anonymous said...

What a day! Hope today is better. Aloha!

katie said...

What a day is right!! Almost a comedy of errors, although I'm sure none of it was comedy at the time.