Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last night I was taken to HALE a modern macrobiotic restaurant in Honolulu. It was the best meal I have had in months. We had veggie gyoza dumplings that came with a dakon radish red wine vinegar dipping sauce that was out of this world. Grilled Lotus Roots with wasabi veggie mayonnaise. OK the lotus roots were pretty boring without the wasabi dipping sauce.

For a main course I had kuruma-fu cutlet with apple miso sa
uce. It is a meat substitute and it looked very similar to fried chicken but better. They ask if you want this toasted sesame seed salt mixture on your brown rice - it turned the plain brown rice to a little bit of greatness. The miso soup? The best I have ever had.

I have two more nights here and I just might be going back. If you come to Honolulu visit this place, even a non vegan or non vegetarian will be impressed.

I just finished the brownie I brought home last night - yummy.

Today's picture. Same window and same view. It is currently raining this morning, but still warm.

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