Monday, February 22, 2010

Hike Number 3

This past Saturday we hiked China Camp in Marin. Hike number 3 was also 3 hours long. It was really beautiful. There was water everywhere, little run offs from all the recent rain.

This was the view from the trail. This trail is shared by hikers, runners, bikers and at least one horse that had really black poop, always watch where you walk.
More view from the trail.

Everyone's favorite site on a trail.

I am at 63% of my total fund raising and I thank all of you that have already donated. For those that have not check out my website. Until next week.


J said...

At first, when you said "Everyone's favorite site on a trail" I thought you meant the parking lot. Then I saw what you really meant.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same as J. My first glance was of the parking lot - then I looked past it. Very nice. ~S