Monday, February 1, 2010

Outside my comfort zone in ugly shoes.

I have joined Team in Training to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I joined the hike group (if the liquid you are drinking just shot out your nose, either put the glass down or finish it up before you read the rest of this post, it will be better that way).

I will be training for the next five months to do a very long hike in Yosemite in June and I will be raising money. I have done neither of these things before, hence the outside my comfort zone.

I will keep this blog updated with my progress and my pleas for money, so come back and read me every Sunday, since I hike on Saturday.

Yesterday, I bought the ugliest pair of shoes I have ever purchased in my life. A pair of very nice hiking boots (or so I was told and since I have never done this before I do have to believe what some people just tell me).

One thing that does concern me is that with my Team in Training packet I received a little green emergency contact thingie that I have to attach to my brand new ugly boots. It has the name of number of my emergency contact (my beloved) in case I fall off the side of a mountain or get eaten by a bear or something, they figure there is usually enough left of your shoe to identify you, cause after all what self respecting bear or mountain lion would eat your shoe?

Wish me luck.


Andrea said...

where the boots around every night in the house for an hour before your first hike. maybe step in a puddle once and let them dry on your feet, to shape the leather. Otherwise you will get blisters after your first long hike. And good job!

Andrea said...

I meant "Wear". Sheesh. I am losing my touch.

Anonymous said...

God love ya! Where will you go for your practice hikes? I have got to see those hiking boots! And You should get good socks too...I was told that is important as well.

Anonymous said...

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