Sunday, May 2, 2010

Montara Mountain

Just did not make time to publish about last weeks hike, so here it is. We did a six hour hike of Montara Mountain down in Pacifica. The short story?

Up the mountain, visit the south peak, visit the north peak, visit the south peak, partway down the other side of the mountain, back up what we just went down and then back down the other side to the starting point. The longer story...

This is a beautiful tree in the parking area. There are picnic tables and lots of wildflowers.

This was part of the trail. We went up and came back down placing one foot in front of the other. Those that were blessed with longer legs could straddle this, me not so much.

I wish my camera got better pictures of the wildflowers. There were beautiful wild iris' all over the mountain.

This was one of two rusted old cars we saw on the trail. I wondered how they got there and more interesting to me was why could they then not go back down.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well, it was! It was a very clear day and you could see up and down the coast for miles. I could pick out the little airport in Moss Beach and tearily wished I was at the Moss Beach Distillery curled up with a nice thick blanket and a cup of something warm watching the whales go by.

But no, I was on top of a mountain! Who would have ever thought it? Come on admit it, you are surprised.

All in all this was was a wonderful hike and I would do it again.

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katie said...

yeah, how did the rusty cars get there? beautiful pics. thanks for posting!!!