Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Hike in the beautiful East Bay

Last Saturday's hike was at Briones Regional Park in Orinda. I gotta to
admit, this is not one of my favorite hikes so far. It was pretty, but
just not as pretty as some others, I guess.

In this park the cows were back on the trail. At one point my hiking
buddy Susan had to shoo them off the path. They moved, but they really
looked like they did it because they wanted to, not because of her.

One part of the trail was The Ivan Dickson Memorial Loop Trail. As I
passed the little signs I could not help but wonder who was Ivan
Dickson? So I took to my favorite research tool, the internet, to find

Ivan Dickson was a lifelong member of the Berkeley Hiking Club and was
one of their first presidents in the 1920s. Ivan was a hiker - he hiked
well into his 80's and averaged about 10 - 20 miles a day, mostly in the
East Bay Regional Park District. He did not need any special equipment;
he hiked in his wing tips or loafers and would have a nutritious
breakfast of doughnuts before starting out. Lived in the same house for
70 years and had a watch repair shop on Shattuck Avenue. He did not own
a car, or TV or even a refrigerator. The people that knew him thought
him an eccentric poor person. However, when he died in 1993 at the age
of 95 he left a ton of cash to the East Bay Regional Park District to
"take good care of the trails". Thank you Ivan.

About the only wild flowers left are the ever present poppies and
lupine. Still beautiful, but I fear they will be gone soon.

Next week Muir Woods. Stay tuned.

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