Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Muir Beach Hike

So last weeks hike was at Muir Beach. It was a beautiful crystal clear day and we started up

Along the trail we saw this little things that looked like what I thought aspargus would look like.

We went up and I saw these steps, lots of steps that went up the side of the mountain and for a minute I thought - no, we are not going that way - then we turned a corner and walked right at them and then went up them. Steps are hard!

This is looking down at the beach at Tennessee Valley, our very first hike. I can remember looking up at the hills on that hike and being happy we were not going up there. Well, those days are gone, if there is a hill we climb it.
This hike took us thru the Green Gulch Buddhist Zen Center. I can walk thru their gardens on the way back to the beach. The gardens are really beautiful and full of very quite people and they have a really nice bathroom.

We needed to ask directions at one point and imagine someone whispering to you and then make it softer. "go down the path, open the gate, make sure to close the gate behind you, then walk thru the gardens to another gate. go out that gate and make sure to close it behind you. then go thru the horse pasture, making sure to close the gates behind you and you will be at the beach"

This was a beautiful hike, the sky was extremely blue, it was difficult to tell where the sky ended and the water began. I did keep the map to this one, I'll be doing it again.

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