Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ireland - Day 2

Ireland – April 10 - Day 2

Today we got back out on the road and headed north west to take in the Causeway Coast. We started by driving past Belfast and north to Ballycastle.

And according to Chief Matron Mare-son Balley means town. So Town Castle or is it Castle Town?

Whichever, we stopped there to have lunch. It is a lovely little town on the ocean with big cliffs off in the distance. Then we were off onto the A-2 again and pulled into walk the Carrick-a-redo bridge.

Again according to the linquist CFM-son Carrick means rock so I guess Rock-a-redo bridge? It is a small suspension bridge that takes you from the mainland out to a little rock island. It was fun and glad we did it.

Then back on the road to the Giants Causeway – unbelievable!!!! The remains of a volcanic eruption over 6000 years ago. There are thousands of rocks all about the same size and all multi-sided. Some have 5 sides, some 6, 7 or 8 and all of them are a dark reddish brown in color. It was crazy to say the least.

We believe that Chip has found her people. The legend of the causeway is that a giant named Finn McCool created the causeway to invade Scotland and we think Chip must be related to him, not because she wants to invade Scotland (unless it involves big brawny men in kilts) but because he was tall. Man I wish I could load some pictures right now. Later I promise.

We (I) drove a lot this day. We failed to make it to Bushmills, it just got too late in the day. So back to the cottage we went.

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