Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scotland/Ireland Last Day

Scotland/Ireland last day – April 23, 2011

So this morning we packed up the car – again – and headed for Stranerer to catch the ferry back to Ireland, where I took my second fall of the trip. Stepped out of the car and tripped and went down on my left knee. Had some really spectacular marks on my knee and the bruise is really starting to look good.

The ferry ride was a little be rougher this time and took a little less time. One thing I noticed was the babies. There were so many babies and little kids, it was fun. There was one little girl that was just barely walking who walked up to me and seemed to carry on a complete conversation with me.

We watched the Scotland coastline slip past, well some of us did, others spent the trip with their eyes closed and hoping to not throw up.

We arrived in Ireland and set course for our Holiday Inn Express near the airport, I wanted to be close the airport at a place that had lots of hot water and would be easy, so I took what I knew.

We checked in and the young woman behind the counter had just moved back to Ireland from San Francisco and was planning to go back to San Francisco in August. The queen behind the counter can't wait to visit her and figure out to stay in the USA. He did ask if I would marry him and I replied if the rock was big enough. My beloved did not think that was the correct answer, I think she was right. Sorry honey.

We had a terrible dinner that night and went to bed early so we could pack up the van one more time and head out.

We arrived at the airport where we complained to the car hire about the tire and were told that they get the story of bad tire a lot, it is a scam. Well, I don't think it was and we will be fighting with Hertz from home.

Our flight from Belfast to Newark was long but uneventful. Customs was no problem and then it was off for a four hour lay-over before our flight.

It was here that we parted ways from Chip and MOC, their gate was at the other end of the terminal from ours. We hugged and went our separate ways.

The trip to SFO was long. How come the last leg of any trip is the longest?

We were met by our driver and taken home.

Now I am sitting on the couch writing the last of these blog entries.

It was a great trip and now off to plan the next one.

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