Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scotland Day 6

Scotland – Day 6 – April 21, 2011

Day six started with a long drive to Aberdeen where we met Vera and Sheila, two sisters that share the same great, great grandmother as my beloved. They grew up and went to school here and took us for a tour around the city and they were able to show my beloved where the poor house had been where the said great grandmother died and took her to the cemetary where she was buried. It was quite an exciting day and Vera had put together a beautiful book of family history and a piece of the clan tartan.

Vera and Sheila were wonderful tour guides and we hope to keep in touch.

We walked thru Old Aberdeen where there has been a university for hundreds of years. Imagine that. We had lunch at the university and it is still a thriving hot bed of students and teaching.

Then we did the long drive back and stopped in Inverness for dinner and then back to the cottage.

It seems like we did not do much this day, but Aberdeen was a long way, how come nothing looks that far when you are looking on the map?

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