Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am so tired of what is happening in our government. Not just in Washington, but in our states as well.

In California we go thru the same thing every year when trying to get out a budget. They fight and refuse to compromise until the date to have a balanced budget passes and programs stop, checks stop, State workers stop being paid. Until this year the people in charge did get paid while this budget wrangeling went on. Well, not this year. We the voters passed a law last year that our legislators would not be paid if they did not turn in a balanced budget on time. Guess what? They passed a balanced budget on time. Hit them in their own pocketbook and look what happens.

At the Federal level the "talks" going on about the country's debt ceiling and defaulting on our debt go on and on and on. Will those "representatives of the people" really suffer if the country defaults? Probably not as much as you and I.

I see little boys (cause not seeing too many women in on the talks) saying this is my ball and if you don't do what I say, I'm not playing.

I say "fuck all of you"! Make the decisions that are best for this country as a whole, not what is best for you or your rich friends. Those decisions might be difficult (like repeal those tax breaks on the rich, all I'm asking is that you pay the same percentage of taxes that I do) but you need to do it.

If you don't, I say we vote every single one of you out of office, even those not involved in the talks, because you should be screaming mad right now and putting as much pressure on the boys that you can. This includes all of those career politicians, those just elected and a President that I had hoped would do great things.

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