Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chile Day Eleven

We arrived in Santiago and got a cab at the airport, just like I was told. There is a kiosk in the baggage claim area, go there and arrange for a cab to take you to the hotel. I go the kiosk and order the cab, give them the address and pay for it.

I thought the woman said 90,000 peso's. I think WOW!!! So I pull out my credit card and I am pleasantly surprised when it is 19,000 peso's.

We wait for our luggage and when we have it, we head out of exit 2. There is a guy standing there who takes my reciept and takes our luggage cart and puts us in a cab.

We drive for a while and end up at a really nice hotel right across the street from an Irish bar? Yes, an Irish bar and it is St. Paddy's day. The asian girls in short skirts with green top hats and mustaches might have given us a clue. So we go in to check in only to find out we have been taken to the wrong hotel. There are two Anottol hotels in town and we are at the other one. Crap. Back into a cab and off to our real hotel. Not across the street from an Irish bar, but it is fine.

We go out to find a place for dinner. We are given directions to a mall. There is an American woman at the check in desk who tells us to go thru the mall, out the other side to the Boulevard for a place to eat. So we do just what she says – we go thru a really big mall. The is and Espirt store, aren't they out of business back home?

We have to ask a couple of times for directions and finally find the Boulevard. It is an outdoor area full of places to eat and drink. There is music. There are lots of people. It is a beautiful night. We settle on a Peruvian place. Chip decides that she needs a burger, someone at the next table was having one and they looked pretty darn good. My beloved and I both had pasta – also good. Then we split a couple of desserts. Hey, we are on vacation.

Then it was back to the hotel. We did get turned around a little bit, but we made it back safe and sound for a little sleep.

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