Monday, March 26, 2012

Chile Day Ten

Today we went out past the La Serena Airport to visit Patricia and Lyn, they are a couple of women from England that moved to Chile about six years ago. Chile Sister and Star Gazer met them thru their English/Spanish group I think. The have recently completed construction on their second home in Chile, it has been a long road to this location and this lovely house. It seems their first contractor built a very sub-standard house that was falling about around their heads.

It seems that in Chile people threaten to sue, but don't usually follow thru. Well, Patricia and Lyn were serious about following thru and eventually the guys lawyer convinced him that they were serious and he settled up with them and they were able to leave him behind and build this:

Now they came from England where the climate is a little bit different than their current location. Lyn is a big gardener and is going to make this blank slate into a fantastic garden. We have been invited back in five years to see it again. You can follow their progress on their blog Green Chile Gardens.

You sit on the terrace of their house and look out across the valley and realize what a special place this is. You see mountains, fields, cows, horses and cowboys practicing with their horses.

You also see building going on and earth being moved from place to place.

And then there was Boy. Boy is a cute little dog that has been adopted along with Lady by Patricia and Lyn. There is a big stray dog problem in Chile. It seems that people get cute little puppies and when they grow up into not so little dogs they put them out. They roam the streets looking for hand outs and I am sure just hoping that someone like Patricia and Lyn take them in.

Boy and Lady are very lucky little dogs, that is for sure. They, Patricia & Lyn, not Boy and Lady have a friend that tries to help get stray dogs spayed. I remarked that that sounds like a losing battle, but was told that for every female dog that is spayed there is the potential for 200 unwanted dogs not being born.

After hearing about the journey Patricia and Lyn have had to build a dream home and their nice life in Chile we took our leave and headed to the beach for lunch.

We sat on a deck overlooking the water on a beautiful day sharing our last meal with Chile Sister and Star Gazer.

I miss my sister. It is a strange feeling, I know we will always be close and I think we get closer despite the distance. Since she was in her teens we have lived far apart, she in Florida and me in Rhode Island. She in Maryland and me in California. And now her in Chile and me still in California – 5700+ miles. Perhaps someday we will live closer to each other, perhaps not but we will always be sisters.

Star Gazer & Chile Sister
My beloved and Chip:And then we were off to the airport for a couple of days in Santiago.

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