Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chile Day One

And we are off to Chile.

We started in the best way possible, stopped at security at SFO because I left my swiss army knife in my backpack.

And of course, not my cheap little pink tiny knife. Oh, no!! The big red one that has everything you could ever need. There it was right up there on the screen. Oh no! What do you do when they grab your bag and pull out a knife. You say - crap I forgot that was in there. Well, at least that is what I said. The TSA guy took the knife out and said - this is on the restricted list - you can put it in your checked bag.

Now, I am standing on the other side of security. My checked bag has already been checked, how am I going to put it in my bag?

So, I have a no choice really, I leave it with the guy and go on my way.

My beloved and I get on the plane and fly to Dallas where we meet up with Chip. The three of us get on another plane and fly 9.5 hours to Santiago Chile. Then we get on another plane and go to Puerto Montt. Then we get on another plane and finally arrive at Punta Arenas, gateway to Antartica. The Straight of Magellan is right down the freaking street. We arrived at our hotel at about 8:30 Wednesday night. Chip was on the road 31 hours, my beloved and I were on the road for 25 hours.

I will say that flying over the Andes and seeing glaciers from the air may just have been worth it. Unbelievable.

So our guide for the penguin sanctuary came by to tell us that the penguins have decided to migrate early this year and we might not see any, but then again we might. So I will hope for the best!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your Swiss Army knife. I did the same thing once, but ended up mailing it to myself (we were very early for our flight-hard to believe, huh?!). Seeing cool is that?! Hope you get to see the penguins. If not, maybe you could get a DVD of it...I'm sure it's 'just like being there'!


PS...Next trip by way of Switzerland for another authentic knife?! Their chocolate doesn't suck either ;-)