Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Homeless in Hawaii

Homeless in Honolulu.  One would think it would be a pretty sweet place to be homeless.  After being here for a few days it seems there are lots of homeless here.  Lots.  At last count - January 2012 they estimate that there are nearly 6000 homeless here in Honolulu.

Seems to me that that is a lot of competition for whatever services are available here for the homeless.

They are every where, sleeping on the streets.  Sleeping in the back of trucks.  Pushing all their worldly goods in shopping carts or big black garbage bags.

I wonder what their reasons are.  Is it a choice for some people?  Have they couch surfed thru everyone they know?  Where are their families?   Are they too proud to take the help offered?  Do they enjoy this life?

I saw one couple this morning that slept in the back of their truck last night.  I wondered about why they were there, cause if they just wanted to sleep under the stars last night, I am sure there are a lot of prettier places on this island than Ala Moana Park.   They were in a nice truck, they looked well kept.

As beautiful as Honolulu is, there is a dark side here and the homeless I see every where I go seem to be only the tip of the iceburg.

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