Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Run or RUN

I have been walking every morning since I arrived in Honolulu.  There is a park across the street, while full of the homeless it is also full of so much more.

Not only are the views just crazy beautiful, but the things I see ....

A walker parked at the end of paved path.  It sat there where the person using it could no longer push it across sand.  I wondered where did this person go and if they needed a walker on a paved surface how did they walk on sand?

A bunch of people taking showers at the public bathroom.  Not just rinsing off from an early morning swim in the ocean, but a full on shower.  Soap, shampoo and conditioner.  Lather rinse repeat.  They did not seem to be a part of the above homeless population and I wondered about them.

Bootcamp in the morning.  Oh how we try to keep our girlish figures.  I got a hunch that most of us are never going to look like the leader of this group.  Buff, tan and so full of pep even I wanted to swat here.  Could not imagine listening to her for any length of time so early in the morning.

From bootcamp to yogo on the beach, nice.

And then there were the RUNNERS.  So there are runners and then there are RUNNERS.  Most of the people in the park this morning were runners, but then there was this couple that were RUNNERS!  You know the difference, runners just kind of run.  For the most part they look pretty serious, they mom pushing a stroller, the woman with the neon crop top, the guy that should keep his shirt on.

They all seem to be running.  They are sweaty and look tired.

Then there was the RUNNING couple.  Woman and a man they ran towards me the first time (yes the first time) at a full out RUN.  Not the a little jog, not something that gives you a little glow of sweat, a full out RUN that causes the people watching to wonder why.  She was in front and he was following her and neither of them was sweating.  They carried no water, they had no ipods, just the clothes on their backs and what I assume were really good running shoes.

Then I continued on, stopped and wondered about some the stuff from above, took a couple of pictures and looked up and damn if they were not coming at me again.  There seemed to be a little more sweat this time around at least on him, she was just like a machine.

I promised if they came at me again I would tell them hated them.  But in reality I would love to be them.  In my head I could be a long distance runner, I could do a marathon, I could - right.

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