Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Out of office, leave a message

Where I work part of my job is sending out a newsletter once a week to lots of people, don't worry they have all subscribed to this so I am not spamming them.

Anyway some people use their out of office message, sometimes it is informative:

I am out of the office until next Thursday, I will respond them.

Some people rub in the fact they are on vacation:

I am out of the country on vacation and will not have access to email, please call my assistant in my absence or else I will read your mail when I return. (this one sounds remarkably similar to my own favorite out of office message).

Some people just think they are so important that you need to know where they are every minute:

I have left for two hours, please excuse my delay in responding to you. Please contact Bill at XXXXXXX for this issue. Please contact Sally at XXXXXX for that issue. Please contact ... you get my point.

But then there are the pretentious ones:

Please know that I am out of the office for the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard Business School with limited ability to access email or phone until March 25, 2013. Should you need immediate assistance during my time in Boston please contact ...

OK, I am sure your mother is proud of you.

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