Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just a suggestion

I am just curious. Are red lights just a suggestion to stop?

Tonight I went out for about 20 minutes, during that time a big ole cadillac with a handicap plate slowed down at one point and then went right thru a red light.

This is not the first time in the last few days I have seen this. On my way to work last week, I got off the highway at my usual spot and a person got off at the same time. They pulled up next to me at the light and then when they went forward they seemed unsure where they should go. They ended up in front of me still rather confused.

Now, the street I get off on has four lights. The one right at the top of the exit and then three more before I go left.

So, this person is in front of me, hesitates at the second light, slowing just enough that the light goes yellow, still slowing, then the light goes red, still slowing right thru the intersection and they keep going. I think what the hell, you slow down and still go thru the red light.

So I watch them go thru the 3rd light and the 4th light, all going red as the pass under them.

By this time I am coming up on the 3rd light and see them pull into a parking lot or something way down the street. I think great, at least they are off the road.

Wrong. I see they have turned around. I am stopped at the 3rd light at this time watching as they start coming back up towards the 4th light, the one they just went thru.

And they continue thru the light towards me. Towards me! It is a one way street and they are coming at me, in my lane going the wrong way. People are beeping their horns and they just keep coming.

I did not know what to do? Do I just sit here and let them plow into me? Do I lay on the horn and hope for the best? Do I try to get out of the way some how?

Well, they in the blue Toyota realize they are going the wrong way on a one way street and pull over to the curb. I am able to drive by them. The driver is staring straight ahead, both hands on the wheel, not looking at anyone as we drive by. The passenger, from what I could see was petrified. I went on my way and wondered all day if they got to their destination or if they died.

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