Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Go back to where you came

Mommy dearest and I were supposed to escape from Rhode Island yesterday.  We drove to the airport, got our bags all checked in, made it to the gate.  Mommy dearest was quite please to learn that she did not have to take off her shoes.  Good to know there is an age limit on would be problem makers.

Then we watched as 8 EMT's helped a flight attendant down the stairs of the plane we were leaving on, onto a stretcher and into an ambulance.

Then we listened as the cancelled our flight.

Yup, no backup flight attendant.

So up to the desk to get re-booked.  Their first option?  Fly to Philly, stay there for 7 hours and then finally get to Wilmington at about midnight.  I looked over at my 84 year old mother and thought "that would so not be a good time" and rebooked on the same flight the following day.

Then back out to baggage claim and picked up our bags and then a waiting game for my sister in law to drive to the airport to pick us up to bring us back to her house to spend another night with the family.

Damn it, I stripped the beds.

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