Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Social Studies Past

So I am back on the little island I grew up on.  I should never come back here during good weather, it is really beautiful and I miss it a lot.  I must plan a trip back in February, yeah then I'll remember what it was really like to live here.

Anyway, I was looking at my nieces Social Studies book last night.  I was helping her study, don't laugh, I was.  So I page through the book and it is so current!  In fact did you know our last president was Bill Clinton?  Yup, that is right the book goes all the way up to 1993.

What?  Seriously?  Teaching Social Studies with a book that is 20 years out of date?  When you look at the list of presidents in the back of the book, you can see that Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan are still alive.  Since there is no George Bush II listed, does that mean we never went to war?

I just do not understand how they can even have these books still in existence.  How can you teach children current social studies without a current book?

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