Saturday, July 18, 2015

My response

As I sit enjoying the beach of North Carolina, I sometimes forget that the entire country is not as accepting as the San Francisco Bay Area where I live, then I read something like Arthur Thorne's vitriolic, homophobic, ridiculous rant about marriage equality and the Supreme Court decision last week and I am reminded of that fact.  Mr. Thorne is ashamed of his country because "it" ruled that people are people and love concurs hate?  I would be ashamed if they did anything different.  

The 14th Amendment states "equal protection under the law"  If that does not mean equal for all - what does it mean?  Protection only for people you agree with?  Protection only for people just like you? Protection for people that think exactly like you?

Mr. Thorne references that homo-apartheid is not implied or recognized anywhere in the American Constitution.  But that does not stop people from trying to get laws passed that would put homosexuals into "camps" or perhaps Mr. Thorne would like to start collecting signatures for his own "Sodomite Suppression Act" in North Carolina.  For those that don't know the "Sodomite Suppression Act" states that the solution to the sodomite issue is to shoot us in the head.  This hate-filled initiative is currently being fought by the Attorney General of California, to keep it off the November ballot.  

Is it sick and perverted to watch friends that have been together for 30 and 40 years to finally be able to protect each other using the rules of a civil contract called marriage?  I myself was finally able to marry my partner of nearly 15 years a couple of years ago, my marriage was a cause for celebration, as are all the others I have attended over the last few years.  

Mr. Thorne states that 30 or more states are gathering petitions to secede from the United States?  Citizens in states (not the states themselves) have talked about seceding from the country since we became a nation and it has nothing to do with marriage equality.

Mr. Thorne, I hope we are both around in 30 years to see our nation where our nation stands.  I believe my view of America will be the one we will be living in.  A nation where all are protected, where who you are married to only matters to the person you are married to, a nation at peace with itself and the world.  

Margaret Fuquea

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