Monday, August 4, 2008

Lost Little Girl

OK, I can understand the excitement of trying to make a flight to Paris, but this is just not right.

Seems an Israeli family was on its way to Paris, five children and 18 bags. They get all checked in and go to the duty free shop and get on their plane. The plane takes off and they don't even realize that their 3 year old is not on the plane! What? No one noticed that when they did a head count they only had 4 of 5? I can understand leaving your carry on baggage under your seat or forgetting your ipod in the security line or maybe your book someplace, but what I am assuming is a cute little needy three year old left behind? Didn't someone register the missing when they checked to make sure everyone was strapped in?

My mom had six of us and I don't think she left any of us behind, she might have wanted to at times, but I think she knew if she started with six, she really needed to end up with six.

Seven of Nine tells the story of her mom counting noses in the car after a trip to the grocery store and coming up with the right number of noses. Unfortunately, one of them was just visiting, she got a call from the store to come back and pick up Seven of Nine.

So, I guess it does happen. But I just gotta ask: You had all your duty free stuff with you on that plane, but left your baby behind?

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