Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two Wheeled Memories

Ha, on the news tonight is a story about motorized bicycles. They are little things with an eletric engine and pedals. They remind me of two little Italian scooters that Bob Daddy bought one summer. You started them by peddling really hard and hoped that the motor kicked in. They were really cool or so we thought. Of course they were illegal, for Jolie and I since we were not of age to drive. Did we care? Not really, that is until we got caught be the police. We saw the car pull up behind us and we both started pedaling like we were riding bikes. We thought we were so smart. Well, the officer did not think so. He did let us off with warning (and I wish I could remember his name) and we knew that our motoring days were over since he knew our parents and where we lived and we knew that every other police officer in town would hear about this and be on the look out for those crazy motoring wild childs.

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