Friday, August 6, 2010

CHP to the rescue

Today the CHP caught the worst criminal on the road. The officer had pulled over an old pickup truck that had mattresses piled up in the bed. Well, in the bed, over the bed, piled up so they towered over the the cab of the truck.

It was like a mobile princess and the pea story.

I could just picture that truck rolling down 580 the only strap holding them snapping off and the fucking mattresses flying off the back of the truck. Brakes screeching, smoke obscuring the drivers sight as they tried to control their vehicles as they bounced off the jersey barrier, plowed into each other and careened into the bushes on the side of the freeway. I saw blood and bodies everywhere, it was horrible.

Then I remembered my worst nightmare had just be avoided.

So thank you CHP officer, you helped avoid the worst traffic accident in recorded history.

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