Thursday, August 26, 2010


You really ought to have to pass a test to drive on the roads. Oh, that's right, you do have to take a test to drive. Did everyone on the highway this morning not take that test and were they driving illegally?

My beloved drives the highways everyday and has little tolerance for people that cut her off or follow too closely or just drive like idiots. When I drive with her I am usually telling her that the other people on the highway are not worth getting so worked up about.

Well, today I totally got it. I felt like every single idiot was out there trying to just piss me off. There was the old lady driving a brand new car doing about 40 on 580, when I was finally able to get around her she was dialing her phone. There should be a law against that, oh there is.

Then there are those poor people that could not afford blinkers on their fucking BMW's. I feel so sorry for them as they zoom down the highway cutting in between cars and not being able to signal that they are doing such an asshole move. Not even giving me a sign so I can actually slow down so that they can fit their shiny car in that space between me and the person in front of me.

And those poor lost souls. You know the ones. They ride in the high speed lane until they get two car lengths from their exit and then they put on their blinkers, cause they want you to know what they are doing, and just move to the right not really caring if you are there or whether you are going to let them in. They have to get off, they don't fool me. They travel this road every day and just realize where their exit is? Fucking move over sooner.

Then there is the person that must have put a "HIT ME" sign on my car this morning. It seemed as if everyone else on the road was aiming for me. I had to avoid what seemed like 100 cars this morning. By the time I got to work I felt as if I had already put in a full days work just getting there. I also thought it was a good thing that my state has a waiting period to buy a gun.

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