Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't get it.

There are some things in life I just don't understand.

The CEO of HP quits under a cloud of sexual harassment and an inappropriate relationship with a consultant. That is not the part I don't understand, well actually he probably should have been fired rather than be allowed to quit. No, the part I don't understand is the fact that he will get an 8 figure severance package.

So you are the big honcho at a huge company, you mess up royally and they pay you to quit. They pay you a lot of money to quit.

I am just about ready to buy a bunch of new servers for work, I can just see the price of them going up right now to help pay for this mess.

Another thing I don't understand.

People in a divorce that are fighting over custody of their children cause they don't want the other parent to have them. If a parent is a bad parent, a child abuser, a criminal - ok maybe you fight so the parent can't see or live with the child.

But what is so bad about the parent of your child that you would kill the child or children so that the other parent can't have them? Is our justice system really so bad that people would hurt their children because they fear what the other parent will do to the kids and they can't prove it in court? Or perhaps is our mental health system so bad that unstable people have children. I guess what I don't get about this is, that you have children, you profess to love these children and yet you snuff out their little lives to prevent their other parent from being a part of those lives?

Don't get it. Never will. I don't care how horrible the other parent might be, there is never a reason to kill your children to stop the other parent from being around. There has got to be other ways. Run away and hide with those children. Kill the other parent instead of the kids.

I don't have all the answers, but I do have the answer to this one. If you feel like the better way out of anything is to kill your kids, walk out the door and go directly to the nearest police station and tell them you are contemplating killing your children. The kids would be a lot better off anywhere without you, cause at least they would be alive.

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