Monday, September 6, 2010

A sea of sari's

Is there anything more beautiful than a woman in a sari? My beloved and I were invited to celebrate the one year birthday of our neighbor's twins. The party was held at the mom's parents house. They have a large veranda with a fountain in the middle. There were tables set up all around and lots of people. The twins and their older sister were as cute as they always are and we were very blessed to be invited to share in this celebration.

The crowd was full of women in sari's and I was in awe of them all. I felt at one point that I was in the middle of a flower garden surrounded by every color of the rainbow. From the deep red and gold sari of the proud grandmother to the turquoise of the auntie sitting next to me they all moved as if floating.

I am not sure why they all seem so graceful because I know if I was wearing one I would feel like the least graceful thing on the planet, but they all moved as if being moved by a gentle wind. I half expected the sound of bells or wind chimes when they moved across the veranda.

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