Tuesday, September 28, 2010


OK, so I admit it. I was speeding Sunday morning and got popped for it. The CHP officer was just doing his job when he clocked me going 83 in a 65!

I looked up and saw him in my rear view mirror and slowed down, but too late. He followed me for a little bit with no lights on, I think they do that to make you nervous. Then the lights came on and I pulled over into the breakdown lane and I hear over the loud speaker - blah blah blah. So I roll down my window to hear = "do not stop in the breakdown lane. Pull out and exit at the next exit. Do not just pull out into traffic, build up your speed in the breakdown then pull out." So I do what he tells me and get off the highway at the next exit and pull over.

The nice officer comes up and asks if I knew I was speeding. My answer was well, I looked down and realized how fast I was going and slowed down and then I looked up and saw you in my rear view mirror. So, yes I know I was speeding.

So, license, registration and proof of insurance, please and thank you. He hands me the ticket to sign - not admitting guilt just that I received the ticket. Dropping the speed from 83 to 75. Then I will admit he said a bunch of stuff to me that sounded like the teacher in the Charlie Brown tv specials and he ended with "you can get back on the highway right there. Drive safely and have a good day."

My response "thank you officer". What else could I say? I was speeding, not his fault.

So I decided to drive with my cruise control on. I get back on the highway and set it at 64. You know what? NOBODY and I mean NOBODY drives the speed limit. Doing 64 I have to drive in the very right lane, people pass me like I am standing still. About the only people going slower than me are the ones talking on their cell phones.


Anonymous said...

BUMMER. I try and put my cruise control on too. I set it at 70. Even then it feels like my car is the slowest car on the freeway! Can I assume that bad girl driving school is in your future? It's better than points, I guess. So sorry for you. SME

Anonymous said...

Breakin' da law, breakin' da law. Breakin' da law, breakin' da law. Pedal to the metal, balls to the wall.

katie said...

omg. this reminds me of the time my mom was pulled over in florida when EVERY other car on the road was passing her!!