Thursday, September 2, 2010

When to walk away

To avoid a confrontation a man ran out the back door while his ex-girlfriend was putting a ladder up against his house. He left and she took the chimney cap off and jumped in.

Now me, I might have called the cops. Crazy lady on my roof, please come and get her.

But he just left. Two days later the cleaning lady shows up and notices something dripping out of the chimney. Imagine everyone's surprise when they find the ex-girlfriend dead in the chimney. Well yeah, I guess she would be dead if she was stuck in a chimney and fluids were dripping out of her, huh?

What was so special about this guy that this woman, who was a doctor, so I don't think she was a stupid kid, would get in a chimney to try and see him when he would not open the door?

Or, what was so wrong with Dr. Chimney lady?

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