Thursday, May 5, 2011

At lunch this afternoon a woman a little older than me sat down with her mother, who looked older than dirt.

The daughter said "Mom, I'm going to order our usual. OK"

So she orders a bento box with chicken teriyaki and something else.

The meal comes and the mother says: "What's that?"

The daughter said "It's rice, Mom. Here take some and some chicken."

The mom says: "What is it?"

The daughter says with a little bite in her voice: "It's chicken MOM, you like chicken. Eat it"

And she did.

The conversation made me think of how I would act if I was in the position of taking care of an aging mother that does not have all her marbles anymore. I am not sure I could do it.


Anonymous said...

Being the person you are, I think you would do whatever you had to do to care for your Mom. With love.

Dawn said...

I have been there - and it is very hard -