Monday, May 23, 2011

Rapturing for dollars

OK, so the rapture did not happen. Because if it had, you would not be reading this.

Anyway, needless to say Harold Camping, was flabbergasted that it did not happen and is looking into it. Where is he looking? Is there help desk he could call and ask why things didn't pan out the why he thought.

Followers were disappointed when they were still here Saturday night. Yeah, I'd be disappointed too if I had spent my life's savings ($140,000) advertising the end. Or if I had taken my family on a trip to the Grand Canyon (something you got to see before you are called up to the Lord) using my already maxed out credit cards and now had to wonder how to pay for it all.

I certainly would be making plans to put in my claim with Harold Campings church, since his PR guy says he hopes that Family Radio will reimburse the true believers that spent all their savings in anticipation of the Rapture.

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