Monday, May 2, 2011


Osama Bin-Laden is dead.

As my cousin said, this is bittersweet.

And as a friend said, bad karma to celebrate the death of any human being. This is just the end of an evil man, not the end of evil.

I have to ask, the man was living with his family and followers in basically plain sight in a mansion in a town in Pakistan.

Someone tell me, how did the people in charge in Pakistan not know where he was?

I heard that the mansion had been built in the last few years and had lead walls.

So... nobody noticed this being built?

What does our government do about our relationship with Pakistan now. To me it is obvious that Pakistan has been lying to us for years about the what they knew, now what?

I am sad today, not because of the death of this evil, but because it brings back all the feelings from 9/11. Helplessness, horror, fear.

I believe that the end of this evil man is just the beginning of more evil deeds.

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