Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kansas Clinic

On May 31, 2009 while serving as an usher in his church Dr. George Tiller was shot through the eye and died.  Dr. Tiller was shot because he performed abortions in a Wichita clinic.  I know that I write about abortion a lot and that is because it is a topic close to my heart.  I feel that a woman should have control over her body.  If she finds herself pregnant and unable for whatever reason to bring that pregnancy to term, she should be able to terminate said pregnancy without anyone questioning why.

Right now in Kansas a group of brave women are working to reopen the clinic where Dr. Tiller worked.

I say brave because the director has had her home address published on flyers and handed out by pro-life groups.  They suggest the people visit Julie Burkhart at her home and talk to her about the fact that she is a murderer.

The doctor that will perform the abortions will fly in twice a month and is afraid to have her face shown on television.

How do people that don't want abortions justify murder and intimidation?  Why is it ok for them to hurt people because they don't want an abortion?

As I have said before it, is really easy.  You don't want an abortion?  Don't get one.  Leave everybody else the fuck alone.

I wish Ms. Burkhart and the others involved in this project good luck, I admire them and hope they don't end up dead.

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