Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jump on in!

I remember at some point reading about a festival in India where you can bath in the Ganges and end the endless cycle of reincarnation.

Now, I find this fascinating and if only I could remember when it is I would hop on a plane and ski-daddle over to India to jump in the Ganges.

Well, today's paper tells me that the festival is happening now. It began on January 14 and lasts for 55 days.

I suppose I could still make it for the last few days, but there are shots to get and air fare to book and I'd have to find a place to stay - which might be difficult since there are about 100 million other people looking for a room.

Now the article says there are 35,000 portable washrooms. This works out to about 29 thousand people per washroom, that is a lot of toilet paper not to mention long lines.

Which leads me to my next thought. The Ganges has an estimated 750 million gallons of sewage pumped into it daily (I would think this includes the output from the above mentioned washrooms for the masses), you bath in it to end the endless cycle of reincarnation. Perhaps you are just being rewarded for jumping into that swill?

Well, since the festival only happens every 12 years I have a while to plan my trip in 2025!

Anybody want to join me? Get your shots now avoid the rush.


Emmett and Riley said...

ReL Toilet paper - in my experience, we rarely saw TP. Usually there was a bucket of water next to the toilet with a cup which you used to clean yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is just gross...I saw film footage on the experience and the thought of dipping in the Gange just doesn't work for me.