Monday, February 14, 2011

Vegas Baby

I went to Vegas on Saturday for the wedding of Sara & Brandon. It was really nice, I was surprised at the wedding industry in Sin City. More on that later.

I think eavesdropping and people watching does not get much better that Vegas. It started right in the airport. As I am leaving the airport I overhear a young boy saying:

I haven't been that horny......

and I passed out of range and don't know more than that.

Then there was the cab driver that looked just like Scotty Nguyen, the 1998 World Series of Poker champion. I know he has not won lately, but come on, driving a cab?

Then I get to my hotel, I check in and then head to the elevator, sitting on the floor talking into the phone is a guy

"I have been married for less than 72 hours. I arranged for a room with a view of the strip. You have given me a room with no view of the strip. You have given me a crappy room, you gave what was easiest for you. You paid no attention to what I asked for for my honeymoon."

OK, sounds like a lousy deal. My question is: you are married for less than 72 hours and you are sitting on the floor in the hotel screaming at a hotel clerk about your honeymoon, so who is that woman that looks like your mother sitting next to a person that looks like she might be your new wife?

Then riding in the elevator with a young girl complaining about her hair and how she has a gray hair. I lean over and whisper "trust me, you never have to have a gray hair on your head" the man she was with giggled.

Then it was off to the wedding. Sara & Brandon got married at the Little Chapel of Flowers. I was amazed at the business of getting peeps married. The bridal couple arrives in a limo and everyone hangs around until their time slot. This chapel does about four weddings an hour. I got there a little early and was able to watch a few people come to get married. They ran the gambit, from the traditional bride in the long white dress to the entire wedding party that looked like they just walked away from the stripper pole. Great people watching.

It was really a great ceremony and I was very happy to have participated.

And then on the way out of town I arrived at the airport and smiled as a young girl hung over a trash can holding her hair out of the way as she puked and I said a quick thank you to who ever is in charge that I gave up drinking a long time ago or I would have been one of those very hung over people on my very early morning flight home.

And there was the unfortunate incident of my cell phone meeting some bubbles, but sometimes what happens in Vegas does stay in Vegas.

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