Friday, February 3, 2012

I don't want to hear your phone conversation

Do I really have to listen to your phone call?

It always amazes me how people think they have to speak into a cell phone so that the entire airport waiting area can listen to your entire conversation.

Was just in on a conversation - some kind of tech guy (yeah, surprise) talking to some other tech guy about a job they are working on. Yeah, we have to get our install team down there for a few days to update all the firmware on all their devices cause what they have won't run on the new stuff we are putting in there. Yeah, seems every time we talk about them this job gets more crazy dude.

He finally moved across the terminal from me and I could still hear his conversation. Yes, over all the other noise in an airport terminal I could hear one guy's phone conversation.

His last words were: Drive safe and remember to hydrate.

Where the fuck was this other guy?

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