Sunday, February 26, 2012

The price of driving

I just do not get it. Why do some people think that the answer to our energy situation is to drill for oil in places we should not be drilling.

Eventually oil that is being sucked out of the ground around the world will run out. We (and I include myself in this we) have been complaining about the price of oil for 40 years! When are we going to get it? Find something else to power our cars, heat our homes, run our toys?

I am sick and tired of listening to people say oh, the price of gas is so high. Yup it is. I paid $4.25 a gallon a few days ago. It cost me $65 to fill up my car.

Last year in Scotland where they sell petrol by the liter (almost four liters to the gallon - yes I had to look that up) we paid nearly 150 pounds every time we filled up our mini van. Do the math - I'll do it for you - $238. That's right $238 to fill up a tank in Scotland. I am sick to death of American's complaining about the price of gasoline. Stop complaining about it, do something about it, stop using so much or shut the fuck up and pay what the rest of the world pays.

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