Sunday, February 19, 2012

Popos find them in your city

When I lived and worked in San Francisco I discovered many public open spaces for those times when you just have to have a few minutes to yourself. In today's Sunday Chronicle is a story about just such places. Updated with new exciting places to explore.

Most of these places are hard to find so a map would come in pretty handy. When you read the article remember I am not suggesting that you bring a shit load of people and monkey chant in the space. I would suggest that you bring your lunch or your camera or your girl and enjoy these spaces.

I'd like to thank John King for reminding me of these spaces and giving me yet one more reason to leave the burbs and return to explore the City once in a while.

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Anonymous said...

We took a tour with Eleanor a couple of years ago. These spaces are awesome. You do need a map to know where they are though....and that's the fun part - finding them!