Thursday, October 11, 2012

Abortion - not your decision!

So Paul Ryan says if he and Mitt Romney are elected the only way a woman could get an abortion was if she was raped, was knocked up by a relative or her life was at risk.

So who decides if she was raped. How does one prove that one is raped when trying to get an abortion. It is said that 54 percent of sexual assaults are not reported in this country. So a woman that is raped and afraid for whatever reason to report it now needs to prove it perhaps weeks after the fact.

I can't really find much information on how many women request abortions due to incest, so I'm not sure how to speak at that.

Then the third reason - her life is at risk. Hmm, again who decides that?

I think the only ones that can make a decision about an abortion are the people involved. I have very strong opinions about this. It is no one else's business. No ones!! Certainly not my government. If you do not believe in abortion don't get one. It is that simple. Really it is.

I want someone to ask pro life people what should happen to all those pregnancies that they want women to bring to term?? Once those children are born what happens to them then??

Does anyone really think that most of them will be born into homes where they will magically be loved and wanted?? Will they all be adopted by loving families??

I do not. I think they will either be born into abuse or forgotten in a foster system that is already overwhelmed. Some might get lucky. We can hope.

Perhaps they can all be left on pro life proponents doorsteps??

How about if you want there to be less abortions teach family planning. Fund Planned Parenthood so they can offer contraception to people to avoid those unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Again if you do not want to use contraception don't.

Does this country really want to force women to go back to back alley quacks and coat hangers?? That is what will happen.

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