Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vote - it matters

Today I worked a phone bank to re-elect President Obama. I was reminded that no matter what your beliefs in this election, there are some things that just cross this line.

I called a number in Henderson, Nevada and spoke to a woman named Elizabeth.

My job was to remind people that they could vote early. Elizabeth told me that she and her husband had already mailed in their ballots

I responded that I loved the mail in ballot, it just makes everything so much easier, doesn't it?

She told me that her husband had been in the hospital and that they wanted to make sure they voted.

I replied that I hoped everything worked out for her husband.

Elizabeth told me that her husband had come home today in the care of hospice

I know what that means - her husband is dying.

Dying!!!! And what was important to them?? That they got to vote.

These are people that appreciate the right we all have and only half of us exercise.

So vote. You never know when it might be your last act.

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