Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Since I was going to a concert last night I did not want to be burdened by my pocketbook. Now I don't carry a big old bag anymore. I carry a pretty streamlined bag, it has room for my wallet, glasses, my keys and of course my kindle

So I decided to leave it in my desk at work. I took my license, debit card , office key and my car key. Well I really did not think the whole thing through

I kind of forgot that I would not be in the office today. So I was without my bag.

It was kind of liberating. Ok, so I had to carry my car keys in my pocket and change takes up a lot of space in your pocket and I missed my kindle, but all in a rather freeing experience.

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Anonymous said...

Well, other than the Kindle, pocket-book free is a good thing. And for your keys, you can get one of those nifty chains that loop around your belt and your wallet/keys. It's cool when hangs down around your butt cheek and clangs when you get in and out of the car (or your jean rivets).