Friday, October 5, 2012

Speaking my mind?

An old co worker found me on Facebook this week. She sent me an email saying "hey there, do you remember me?". My response was Holy Shit!! Yes.

Her response was "you have not changed. Always saying just what you think".

I have been thinking about that for a couple days. It is so not true. Like most of us I think I go through my day with a pretty good filter on what comes out of my mouth

I am sure there are times when my filter fails me, but for the most part I do not say what I am really thinking to most people.

There are moments when people say stuff to me that I want to look at them and scream WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING? ARE YOU EVEN THINKING?? ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID.

However I don't say those things. I usually smile and say nothing because I am pretty convinced that I might end up in the looney bin or jail if I let loose on some fucking stupid idiots.

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